Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gritgoods Knits

Watch out world! I learned to knit (again); several people have taught me in my 29 years, but this time I actually went home, bought needles, yarn and practiced. Amazing how practice helps with retention. I have now made two scraps of dark blue crap, a fandangled cowl (which as far as I know is a scarf that you just put on over your head), and a traditional scarf with autumn colors. All are imperfect, but pretty darn good for a beginner.

Then I learned the purl stitch (was using only the knit stitch). I decided to take a chance and pattern my stitches to create a "V" formation on a new scarf (sage colored). It's working!! There are a lot of mistakes, but it is pretty cool if I may say so myself.I will upload a picture when it's done.

So, this is why Gritgoods, is "Gritgoods Designs" ... my future lies not just in jewelry, but in many mediums: pencil drawings, paintings, yarn, ceramics and jewelry.

Until I get better, here is an example of someone else's work that I find tooooo cute!! There are many Etsian knitters I admire. http://www.etsy.com/shop/seventytwostitches

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