Friday, February 18, 2011

The Importance of Planning, Friends, and a Well Balanced Life

Being a business woman is hard work! Especially when I rely on my brain to remember everything I need to do.

Planning is IMPORTANT. Unfortunately, planning is not a strength of mine. I enjoy doing things, I don't enjoy planning to do things. This goes for making art, traveling, meeting with friends, etc. Don't take it personally. I guess I'm just a person who prefers an organic lifestyle, one that manifests itself naturally, instead of being PLANNED. I could go on a real tangent here ...

Last week I took the time to write out what I would get done on a Friday because Friday is a good day to devote to my business and my friends (I work other jobs M-Th). So I made the cutest daily schedule EVER! I shared it with friends because I was so proud of it. Of course, the most interesting part of the list was that I had scheduled a snack. Not so unusual to artists - we forget to eat sometimes when we get 'in the groove'. So it made sense to me to schedule when to eat. Well, the great friends I have, who I currently PLAN to see as much as possible (to keep a well balanced life) thought it was so funny. And now I never hear the end of it.

Friends are IMPORTANT. If I were to devote as much time to the business as I'd like to I would never see my friends. Plus, now they remind me to eat snacks, publicly, on my facebook page.


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