Friday, March 26, 2010

It's SHOW Time

Spring is here (though with today's 30 degree temps you'd never know), which marks the start of some big festivals, shows, shindigs, extravaganzas ... etc. It's time to spend time outdoors with friends and family eating ice cream, smelling flowers, listening to frogs croak, and buying handmade crafts! Applications for us vendors start early in the year, and some were even due at the end of last year, and now begins the reception of acceptance emails, rejection emails, and actual events. So far I have applied to several events. LEAF did not accept the Goods, but hopefully with this years new fancy white Caravan tent set-up, I can send them a better photo for next year's LEAF. I applied to Bele Chere in July, but have yet to hear back. The deadline for The Big Crafty was days ago and I just squeaked in under the wire with that application. AND the first actual event for Gritgoods this year will be the Durham Art Walk. It's in Durham. Duh. Downtown there will be 20-30 indoor vending areas for handmade goods. I will set up shop at Morgan Imports which is on the West side. This will be my first attempt at this show and I'm really looking forward to it. The DAW coincides with Duke's parents weekend, so we should have a lot of downtown foot traffic that weekend. So if you're in the vicinity, or would like to take a trip to explore what downtown Durham has to offer these days, come out on Saturday April 17th 10am-5pm, or Sunday April 18th 1-5pm.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gritgoods is conquering the world ...

... one pair of earrings at a time. That is to say - I just sold a pair of earrings to someone in Australia!!! Aside from selling to my sister in Switzerland, sales out of the country happen ... never. Not only that, but the earrings are a gift for someone in her wedding. That just makes me want to hug myself and say "awwww" as if I just saw a baby bunny rabbit.

It just so happens that I'm celebrating with the man of my life, drinking limoncello bought overseas!!

My mantra of the month - "My life works beautifully" ... and it does.